The Simmons Estate - Haunted Items Investigation
The Simmons Estate was located in Elkland, PA.  Ron, (also known as one-800-bidnow on Ebay) acquired numerous items at its original estate sale back in 2009. Unfamiliar with the occult yet a believer in the paranormal, Ron began experiencing 'unusual activity' surrounding the estate items he had brought onto his property with the intention to list and sell on Ebay.  Ron contacted SGPS to conduct an investigation of the estate items within days of listing a few items on Ebay.  

During the investigation, word spread quickly of the 'haunted items' from the Simmons Estate.  Paranormal Investigation teams and researchers across the U.S. and Canada including but not limited to, The Meadowvale Spookies located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada and renowned "Godfather of the Paranormal" John Zaffis, immediately began contacting Ron inquiring about the items and a few even so much as offering to buy out all items he may have.  It quickly became apparent that the Simmons Estate and the items Ron had acquired were not only 'haunted' but also greatly sought after as one of the greatest paranormal jackpots that any paranormal team or individual researcher could only dream of investigating and owning of any such items.   

Maintaining his ethics and integrity, Ron declined the numerous offers by other teams to investigate as well as other researchers offering to buy the items outright for reasons we can only assume were not altruistic in nature with the intention to further promote their ego-based names and careers.  

All Simmons Estate items within Ron's possession were fully investigated by SGPS as certified 'paranormal-haunted items' for Ron to list on Ebay with a Certificate of Authenticity.  To this day many of the Simmons Estate items are currently owned by the founder of SGPS (Claire Braddock), Ron himself and various (anonymous) owners across the U.S.  

Pictured below are a few of the Simmons Estate items in ownership of SGPS founder and Certified Paranormal Investigator, Claire E Braddock. 
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